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Why Participate?


• Absolutely no cost to you!
• Usually, less than 5 hour commitment a year.
• Stipend may go to your organization for participation.
• Access to educational resources for your organization.
• Possible new funding opportunities.
• Your organization recognized locally and nationally as a resource to patient safety and patient centered care.
• Your website listed on the LI Patient Safety Advisory Council website.
• Information about local and national patient safety initiatives available to your organization.

About the Council
The Long Island Patient Safety Advisory Council (PSAC) was developed to have a wide-reaching impact on improving patient safety awareness in local communities while strengthening ties with health care providers. Click here to learn more.

Local organizations allow access to their members / constituency so their members can learn about patient safety.

A patient safety educator will work with the participating organization or group and following a presentation about patient safety, will discuss what obstacles the participants of the group may find when being an engaged patient or advocating for family members.

The patient safety educator will then work on developing a tool and or report which may help in addressing the groups concerns and help guide them and healthcare professionals in their involvement of patient engagement, patient centered care, improved satisfaction and better outcomes.

Stipends may be offered at the end of the work to the liaison for their participation in the Council.

If appropriate, members may continue for another year.

To become a participant in the Patient Safety Advisory Council or get more information, please call (516) 579-4711 or e-mail info@pulseofny.org.